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snow removal tips

Canadian winters are tough, especially when the temperatures dip well below -20 and the snow starts to pile up. January is usually when Ontario gets the worst of it, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Research shows that snow removal-related injuries are common this time of year. Don’t let yourself become another statistic. If you know you’re not up for doing it yourself this year, consider hiring a snow removal service in Toronto and the GTA. Here are some useful snow removal tips that you can use.

Start with the Driveway

It’s always best to start with the outside and work your way in. Start at the end of your driveway so that you can shovel all of the snow out of the way and won’t leave any behind to be driven over or walked on. Driving over leftover snow compacts it so that it’ll refreeze and stay on your driveway.

Check Flat Roofs

Snow and ice tend to accumulate on top of flat roofs because there’s nowhere for them to go. If you have a flat roof, then you’ll have to manually remove the snow or hire someone to do it. You should check it periodically or after major snowfalls to assess how much snow has accumulated up there and come up with a strategy to get rid of it.

Watch Out for Icicles

Icicles are spikes of frozen water that dangle from various objects such as the back of your vehicle or from the gutters on your home. Large icicles dangling from high places can be extremely sharp and dangerous, so you should remove them immediately and frequently to prevent injury and damage on your property.

Shovel Snow Frequently

A large amount of snow accumulation on your property isn’t just dangerous for drivers and pedestrians, it can also cause extensive damages to your property that are expensive to repair. To avoid these expenses, you should hire residential snow removal services in the GTA to clear your property for you.

Cover Your Vehicles

Vehicles that are left outdoors all winter or for long periods of time in the cold are susceptible to certain damages as a result of freezing or being covered under large blankets of snow and ice. Placing a car cover on your vehicle or parking it in your garage when it’s not in use can help protect it from the harsh winter elements.

Invest in a Snowblower

Snowblowers are a smart investment for people with large properties that are difficult to shovel. Blasting the snow off of your property will save you a lot of time and prevent you from suffering a major back injury.

Find Reliable Snow Removal Services on HireHandies

Snow removal can require a lot of tough physical labour and heavy lifting, especially if you’re elderly, have a disability, or an old back injury. It’s better to hire a skilled worker to do it for you rather than risk injuring yourself or reactivating an old injury.

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