The Hirehandies Guide to Preparing Your Condo for Cleaning Services in Toronto

Updated: Feb 21

condo cleaning service in toronto

The whole point of residential cleaning services is to have an individual or a staff of people to clean your living space. It’s important to note that there’s a difference between cleaning your living space and organizing it, though. Moreover, there are different protocols in place for cleaning certain types of living spaces. Cleaning an entire multilevel house versus a condo is a completely different ball game and preparation in both cases is necessary. Read our condo cleaning services guide to help you prepare your living space for condo cleaning services in Toronto.

Difference between Cleaning Condos and Houses

There are a few notable differences between cleaning condos and houses that go far beyond the square footage factor. Condo cleaning services are familiar with property management by-laws and are experienced in dealing with security guards and concierges when entering your building. They’re also more experienced in cleaning smaller spaces and can adjust their cleaning methods accordingly on the fly than standard house cleaners.

Lastly, condo cleaning services are typically much more affordable than standard house cleaning services. Both charge on an hourly basis, but it takes less time to clean a condo quickly and thoroughly than it does a house.

How to Prepare Your Condo for Cleaning Services in Toronto

Condo cleaners clean and sanitize your living space. Organizing clutter isn’t a part of their job description, nor are they there to sort through your personal belongings unless this is part of your agreement. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to prepare your living space for a condo cleaning service in Toronto.

Remove Clutter and Put Away Personal Belongings

Having piles of dirty laundry and knickknacks strewn all over the place makes it a lot harder to clean your living space. De-cluttering your space by filing away loose paperwork and mail, picking up your kids’ toys, and putting away your personal belongings saves the cleaners a lot of time and ensures the job gets done a lot faster.

It also improves the quality of the cleaning job. The less time the cleaner has to spend circumventing or picking up random objects, the more they can focus their time and energy on actually cleaning. Picking up items off the floor also makes for a much safer working environment for the cleaners and prevents injuries.

Keep Pets Out of the Way

Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures and will want to sniff every new person that comes into your home. This can be a major hindrance for someone who’s trying to clean your living space as quickly as possible. Plus, some cleaning products can contain chemicals that are toxic to pets. Keep your pets in a separate room while the cleaning is taking place and inform your cleaning service that you have pets, so they can use pet-friendly cleaning products.

Provide Essential Information

Always inform your cleaning service provider of important information they should know about prior to a job. That makes it easier for them to come prepared for any situation. For instance, let them know if you have pets or small children so that they can use the appropriate cleaning supplies and take special precautions.

Provide Honest Feedback

Cleaners need honest customer feedback so that they can continuously work to improve their services. Let them know if you’re satisfied or dissatisfied with their services and why so that they can use it as a learning opportunity and make the necessary improvements.

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